Treaty Claim

Tena koutou katoa.

Please find a brief update of our Ngati Wehi Wehi Treaty Claim.  If you are interested in being part of a research team please send an email to our Chairman, Richard

Claim Application

We can confirm that the Wehi Wehi claim was filed on 4 June 2008.  No written notice of receipt, or notification of registration and accompanying Wai number have been received to date.  We have contacted the Tribunal registration staff by writing on 17 June 2008 and by telephone today in respect of this matter.  The Acting Registrar advise us that the application is in a huge backlog - probably due to the rush to file claims before the 1 September deadline - and that the Tribunal has therefore had to increase its usual timeframe for registration from 30 working days to 40.  We also understand that the Tribunal is somewhat shorthanded at the moment.

This means that, since applications are dealt with in order of receipt, the Wehi Wehi claim may well not be registered until the end of July, but the Registrar assured me that since it appears to be a well-prepared and straightforward application it should be quick to process when they do turn their attention to it.

Legal Aid Application

We also confirm that an application for legal aid funding has been made to and received by the Legal Services Agency.  A hard copy of this application was also forwarded to us on 18 June 2008.  The Agency's acceptance of the application will be deferred until the Tribunal reports to it on the claim's status.  That report will not occur until after the claim has been allocated a Wai number, so that process too is held up by the Tribunal's ability to process new claims.

Research Hui

They also advise that the writer will be out of the office for the week 23-27 June 2008, and on leave from 11 July to 28 July 2008.  They suggested it would be good therefore to meet during the first two weeks of July.  Alternatively, they said they could send someone else to meet with us, or the meeting could be postponed until after 28 July.....will keep you posted on this.


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